Musings on First Women in the White House: Part One

PRESIDENTIAL SEALAs Hillary Clinton still maintains her status as frontrunner for the Democratic nomination and Carly Fiorna gains momentum for the Republican nomination, the possibility of having a First Woman president improves. It is exhilarating to imagine that two women might vie for the position of President of the United States. I picture a campaign that would resemble a see-saw, one woman on each end, swinging upward with the possibility of election and downward with the inevitable slumps. Because these two women differ so greatly in their world views the see-saw image supports how difficult it would be to balance their opposing views.

However, these two women also have something in common. Even if neither becomes the First Woman in the White House, they are already both First Women: Carly Fiorina was the first woman to head a Fortune 20 company; Hillary Clinton was the first First Lady ever elected to national office, when she won election to the U.S. Senate from New York. Clinton has the added distinction of being the First Woman to win a presidential primary, when she campaigned against Barack Obama in 2008. Whether this will give her a step up in the race remains to be seen.

Women in Time 100

1101130429_600Time magazine recently published its annual listing of the 100 Most Influential People and a number of the American women were First Women To. . .

Janet Yellen, first woman to head the Federal Reserve System. The article about her was written by Christine Lagarde, the first woman to direct the International Monetary Fund

–Hillary Clinton, the first First Lady elected to national office and the first woman to win a presidential primary

–Mary Jo White, the first woman U.S. attorney in Manhattan

–Megan Ellison, the first woman producer to receive two Best Picture nominations in the same year

–Kathryn Sullivan, from the first class of female astronauts and the first American woman to walk in space

Mary Barra, the first CEO of a major automaker