More First Women on Jeopardy

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.45.02 PMA couple of weeks ago, Jeopardy included another First Women category in their show. Once again I have taken the names  used in their category and created a quiz.

Match the descriptions below (a through e) with the names (1 to 5). Answers appear at the bottom.

a. First Woman to win an Olympic Marathon (in 1984)

b. First Woman on the FBI’s most-wanted list (1968-1969)

c. First Woman in the United States to serve as a state governor (in 1924)

d. First African-American woman to win an Oscar for Leading Actress (in 2002)

e. First Woman (in fact, first person) to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel (in 1901)

1. Annie Taylor

2. Joan Benoit

3. Halle Berry

4. Ruth Taylor Ross

5. Ruth Eismann-Schier


a-2 (she still holds some speed records); b-5 (for kidnapping an heiress); c-4 (in Wyoming); d-3 (for Monster’s Ball); e-1 (she was 43 at the time)









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